ERP34 project accounting Software as a Service (SaaS):

ERP34 provides a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, in which the application is hosted on the internet and made available to our customers worldwide.

SaaS can offer customers lower costs that are aligned with usage, minimal up front expense, rapid implementation and time to value, plus reduced risk. it is a combined solution that enable CIOs to select it as good alternative to local IT deployment operations, and enable the CFOs to select it as a good for the economy of the firm as a whole.

As we can achieve a better economy of scale by operating the application ourselves, we are able to provide a cost effective and reliable service than companies can do themselves. And as the application is hosted partly locally and partly through the browser, the application is accessible from virtually any location with an Internet connection, enabling remote access, as well as providing excellent support for businesses with multiple geographic offices or locations.

Users Main Accounting
Monthly Pricing  / user
Timesheet add-on
Monthly Pricing  / user
1-50 users$ 11.99 $ 5.99
51-100 users$ 10.99 $ 4.99
101-500 users$ 9.99 $ 3.99
501+ users $ 8.99 $ 2.99

ERP34 your ERP Software as a Service (SaaS)
 : Timesheet, Project management, Accounting, Payroll, Employee Management, Customer Management,  Vendor Management, and banking all as one integrated online software solution.

* All prices are in USD.

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